• Reviews

  • Nancy G:

    “Tina with KAM4 did an excellent job! She took on the task of cleaning my home very seriously. She was very thorough and detailed. The whole house had a pleasant smell. She knows a lot about the products she uses and shared with me why and how she uses them. Her price was in line with other companies I have used or received quotes from. I am very particular about who I hire. I am particular about who I allow to come into my home. I always say, if I am going to pay someone to clean my house, then I expect it to be clean when they’re finished. What is amazing to me is, I’m not getting the usual “after-dust” that falls down later all over my wood and glass top furniture after the housekeeper has left. Therefore, she has removed the dust, not just moved it around. Would I use her again? Of course, she did an excellent job. Matter-of-fact, I have already scheduled her to come again in two weeks and hope to use her regularly.”

    Matt F:

    “Beyond expectations is the first response to K4M$ abilities. I enlisted KAM4 to help with organization the new layout of our home and help with what the other cleaners considered out of scope cleaning. I quickly realized KAM4 could no doubt do all the cleaning, organizing and even laundry, so I quickly hired them for a weekly service. It’s been 8 months now and still best decision having KAM4take care of our home. They are kind, courteous and have our best intentions when cleaning our home. The overall cleaning abilities is top notch, laundry assistance is great and took the extra time to match our décor for organizing our home. It’s the best feeling coming home to a clean and tidy home by KAM4.”

    Brian G:

    “Our office had not had a thorough cleaning since we moved in 6 months ago and was getting bad. The first person we tried to use had insurance issues so we never got to try him out. We then turned to Tina and she saved the day! We have hired her for a recurring once a month thorough cleaning and after her first time we could not find a missed spot anywhere. The place looks great again!”

    Kelly H:

    “I hired Tina to clean my friend’s house who is going through chemotherapy. Tina is so nice and professional to work with! She did a great job cleaning my friend’s home!”

    Sara K:

    “Was great at listening to what my family and I needed and what was a priority. Work completed was great! Very happy with the service we received!”